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Clamp crushed // paint smothered

by Jutta Teutenberg // transl. Benjamin Schaab and Rachelle Rahme

It is its graphic, minimalistic appearance that renders the art of Adrian Wald almost demure at first sight. Geometric forms confront the spectator, as a deep sensibility for the facture and materiality of his practice unfolds in painting and sculpture. Materials such as linen, canvas stretchers, clamps and screws are put to use and visualized in their rawness and self-sufficiency. A profound love of these materials combines with striking craftsmanship to offset the work‘s sober and subdued formal vocabulary. All paintings ironically examine their createdness and thus also the process of creating art itself, culminating in „Würfelbild“ (Ger. for cube painting) which – being more of a sculpture than a painting – stresses that what is given to be seen on the paintings – held together by the clamp – might ultimately never be revealed.